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Welcome to the first interactive destination community for people living with and treating chronic pain! You are not alone. Our community understands what it’s like to live with pain, and we are here to support, empower and motivate you by providing access to health care providers, advocates, products, services and so much more, all to help you feel better.

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All About Pain

The Future is no longer bleak and without promise for people in pain! The Community Pain Center (CPC)™   is your new destination for wellness, providing information, resources, services, support and motivation.  JOIN the Community today for FREE and change the way you live life, and find more personalized solutions for the treatment of your pain.  The CPC is “… What you have been hoping for!”

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There is Power in Numbers

Historically, pain has been studied in relationship to specific diseases (e.g., osteoarthritis, cancer, HIV, etc.), bodily regions (e.g., head pain, back pain, shoulder pain), or in relationship to medical procedures (e.g., dental procedures, surgery, etc.). Considering pain in this way resulted in there never being enough people in any one grouping to have a meaningful voice for influencing health policy for pain, to push for more pain research, or to even support each other in living with pain. That all changed in 2011 when the Institute of Medicine published its report on pain that combined all forms of chronic pain to reveal that in the U.S. over 100 million people suffer from chronic pain of various forms. 

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If You Feel it, the Pain is Real

Pain is a perception produced in the brain. This perception is often associated with some bodily damage, but it does not have to be. Usually there is a good relationship between the amount of bodily damage and the intensity of pain; however, we all know of situations where there is extensive damage but little pain, or situations where there is no damage and a lot of pain. How can this be?

The production of pain uses biological signals in the peripheral body to sense and transmit information about damage or potential damage (e.g., in bone, muscles, nerves, organs, etc.) to the central nervous system (i.e., the spinal cord and brain).

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Holistic approach works

Balancing Evidence-based Medicine and Personalized Medicine

The Community Pain Center (CPC)™ encourages individuals with pain to be well informed about their condition, available treatment options, and resources for optimal care. Two terms important to optimal care are the following: “evidence-based medicine” and “personalized medicine.”


Evidence-based medicine.

While there are many so-called “cures” for pain, it is difficult to know which ones can be trusted, which ones are being promoted purely for profit, and which ones are still too new and based upon untested assumptions.

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Chronic Pain Requires a Long-Term Relationship with your Health Care Team

Historically, pain has been treated in accordance with the traditional biomedical model. In this model the physician sets the agenda for the visit and directs the dialogue within the visit, the values associated with health are often those of the physician and need to be adopted by the patient, and the role of the physician is that of health guardian for the patient. Communication is typically one-directional with the physician telling the patient what he or she needs to do. Such interactions make sense when strict adherence to the physician’s orders results in a cure or reliable outcome.

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CEO’s Journey to the Creation of the Community Pain Center

maxresdefaultLynne Matallana can’t remember a time when she wasn’t in pain. Throughout her life she heard doctors say, “You are weird,” and even worse, “There is nothing wrong with you, and there is nothing I can do to help you.”

Despite constant pain, Lynne went on to work in a variety of fields including community development, public policy administration, lobbying, advertising and marketing, and in the early ‘90s she established a very successful marketing and public relations consulting agency. She felt good about her accomplishments, but her neglected medical symptoms had not improved and her frustration with our medical system continued. In 1995, she recognized the onset of a new variety of more intense symptoms. Lynne ended up in bed, unable to function for nearly two years, and became extremely depressed and hopeless with her fibromyalgia (FM) diagnosis.

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Thank you to the Samueli Institute for sharing this video: “Pain is a Universal Experience”

About the CPC

Over the past twenty years, research has proven that over 100 million people in the US are living in pain.  Studies show that people in pain are not receiving the kind of care that will result in improvement of their pain symptoms. New treatment options and improved access to care are two critical components necessary to improve the underserved needs of this community.

With a growing interest in using an integrative approach (i.e.: using both western and complementary/alternative medicine), new technology that improves both patient and health care provider access to information and health tools, the sharing of information on evidenced-based resources and the development of new medical devices and pharmaceutical products, along with the explosion of social media allowing for increased communication between patients and their health care providers, it has become apparent that an interactive, comprehensive web destination, designed specifically for people with pain and the individuals who treat their pain, will help meet the unmet needs of the pain community.  This realization became the impetus for the development the Community Pain Center – (CPC).

Navigating the CPC

Here’s an easy tip to help you find your way around the Community Pain Center. It’s easy! Just click on any of the buildings at the top of this welcome page and you will be instantly taken to any one of the special community service centers.

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