Welcome to the next generation of health care!

We are an extremely dedicated group of people who not only care about pain patients, but their caregivers and health care providers. Our team consists of experts with backgrounds in the medical, business, marketing, technology, art and video fields (Board of Directors and Chief Medical Officer).

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CPC DragonflyThe only patient-centered, interactive, one-stop destination web portal for actively managing your health and chronic pain.

Orange County, CAOur headquarters are located in Orange County, California. We also have team members in Michigan, Colorado, and Connecticut. Due to the fact that we are an Internet-based company, we are international in reach and hope to help people worldwide. (Please check first before ordering products and services we offer to make sure that they are available outside of the United States.)

2015-2016Our company was conceived in 2010. We had our website’s beta launch in the spring of 2015 (thank you to all of our early supporters!). The Grand Launch of our website is happening in early 2016!

  • The services offered by the Community Pain Center (CPC) are groundbreaking and have not been available for people living with pain–until now.
  • Our goal is to provide you with the resources and tools you need to improve, reduce and manage your pain.

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Within the CPC you can utilize a wealth of products and services, educational materials and self-management tools to save you time and money, improve your access to care, and lead to better health outcomes.


The CPC’s “Support Centers” already include a host of community-focused, interactive, motivational and useful tools to promote health and wellbeing.

The CPC is just beginning to be developed and we look forward to providing an integration of experienced companies, non-profit organizations, educational providers, access to leading health care professionals, extensive evidence-based treatment options and informational content, one-on-one assistance, advocacy programs, and so much more!

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Let your voice be heard! This is a Community!

communityYou are instrumental in this process of building our community and we ask you to share your suggestions and comments, so that we can create the optimum environment for you to realize your best health.

We are honored to offer our community members hope and help by actively working together towards better health and less pain!

The Community Pain Center’s “Support Centers”