Racing triumphs through wind, rain, and snow

By Jenna Grillo, TeamAWARE driver

IMG_9502The weekend and all the races are over. I can never believe how quickly the race weekends fly by. The interview at WICZ Binghamton went extremely well, better than I would’ve ever imagined. The weekend was definitely interesting to say the least. Through sun, rain, wind, and snow we endured a lot. On Saturday I didn’t qualify nearly as well as I was hoping to. It was raining on and off all day, but it stopped raining and was sunny before the race. It wasn’t supposed to rain until an hour after the race so the entire field went out on our slicks. (That’s what we call our dry tires.) In the race I was doing very well, making passes, I went from 15th to 11th place. A few laps in, and we had a full course caution. During the caution it started downpouring. My team and I made the decision to switch to rain tires, a decision that only one other driver made. While we were switching tires the race went green again and about half of the cars crashed in the first corner. That was it. The race was called for safety purposes. The official results put me in 9th place, which I was pleased with.

On Sunday I qualified 4 positions better than I did the day before! I was extremely ready for the race. I was doing well and making passes on the first lap. On the second lap I went into turn one about to make 2 passes into the corner and the second car I was going to pass spun out right in front of me. I did everything I could to avoid the car, I avoided it initially, but he started rolling backwards, and rolled right into me. The damage wasn’t too bad, but it ended my race after only completing one lap. It was a terrible way to end the weekend, but as a whole I am happy with the racing this weekend. I got a lot of experience that will help me for future races, and after all, this is only my second race weekend in this kind of car. I absolutely cannot wait to get in the car again!