Wish Jenna Good Luck on her race today

We want to encourage everyone to show their support for TeamAWARE by wishing Jenna a safe and successful race today. You can post your good luck messages on the CPC’s Facebook or Twitter page or you can send them directly to Jenna Grillo on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s all show our support for our favorite spokesperson.

Good luck Jenna!!!

About Jenna and Team AWARE

The CPC is happy to announce that we have joined the National Fibromyalgia Association to form Jenna Grillo’s TeamAWARE.

Jenna is a ninteen year old woman who has suffered with pain caused by fibromyalgia since she was nine years old. She is steadily moving up in her racing career and wants to use her platform to help bring awareness to the cause of FM and chronic pain.

I’ve been working so hard and it’s really nice to see it pay off. I was jumping with joy when the NFA and CPC stickers were put on my car! I can only imagine how much we’re going to effect the world of fibro and chronic pain if I keep up these impressive finishes!”

The happiest spokesperson ever,