National Task Force Urges Depression Screenings for Adults

By Miranda Wilcox
Herald Democrat

…doctors should screen all adults
for depression…

Depression Screening
The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force announced their newest recommendation on Tuesday, that doctors should screen all adults for depression.

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“If you don’t screen then you don’t find out that the person has depression, and the result of that is, if you look at population-based data, half of the people with depression in the United States never get diagnosed,” said University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Professor of Psychiatry Madhukar Trivedi.

Trivedi cited the sweeping impacts of depression, including:

Doctor with patient forms

  • the fact that people with depression live 13 years less than people without depression;
  • an average of 41,000 people kill themselves every year by suicide; and
  • three to four hours per week of productivity is lost for people who have depression compared to those who don’t.

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