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The Community Pain Center is proud to offer Metagenics products to help healthcare practitioners deliver more successful outcomes, and build more rewarding practices.

Personalized Nutritional Approaches


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For over 30 years, Metagenics has offered forward-thinking nutritional products based on cutting edge science to help patients live happier, healthier lives. With over 300 formulas to choose from, it’s easier to customize approaches to meet specific patient needs. The Metagenics manufacturing facility is triple-certified for good manufacturing practices (GMP) to assure high quality and consistently reliable products.


Practitioner Resources & Educational Opportunities

Metagenics provides more resources than any other lifestyle functional nutrition company for a higher caliber of support that extends well beyond a product order. The clinical services team is dedicated to providing you the support you need and is available to answer technical questions about nutritional formulas.

Plus, an extensive collection of educational collateral is available to help patients understand the value and mechanisms of targeted nutritional support. In addition, Metagenics Educational Programs offers seminars and workshops facilitated by leaders in the field of functional medicine to provide nutritional strategies and detailed explanations of protocols for practical applications in a clinical setting. You can contact Metagenics customer service at 800-692-9400.

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Patient Ordering Made Easy

Offering nutritional products in your practice doesn’t have to mean managing inventory. Metagenics offers an online store so your patients can order products and have them shipped directly-giving you an additional revenue stream with minimal effort.

Discover the many benefits of offering Metagenics products in your practice