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Affective pain modulation in fibromyalgia, somatoform pain disorder, back pain, and healthy controls

To further examine affective pain modulation in FM, we applied an experimental pain induction to compare 30 patients with FM with 30 healthy (pain-free) participants (HC), and 30 patients with back pain (BP). Read more

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A shared decision-making communication training program for physicians treating fibromyalgia patients: Effects of a randomized controlled trial

Shared decision making (SDM) can be a potential solution to improve interaction. We evaluated the effects of an SDM intervention, including an SDM communication training program for physicians, in a randomized controlled trial with FMS patients. Read more

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Effects of muscle strengthening versus aerobic exercise program in Fibromyalgia

There were significant improvements in both groups regarding pain, sleep, fatigue, tender point count, and fitness after treatment. HAD-depression scores improved significantly in both groups while no significant change occurred in HAD-anxiety scores. Read more

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Coenzyme Q10 distribution in blood is altered in patients with Fibromyalgia

Signs and symptoms associated with muscular alteration and mitochondrial dysfunction, including oxidative stress, have been observed in patients with fibromyalgia (FM). The aim was to study CoQ10 levels in plasma and mononuclear cells, and oxidative stress in FM patients. Read more

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Effect of aerobic exercise training on oxygen uptake and kinetics in patients with fibromyalgia

The results of the study suggest that cardiopulmonary system in charge of delivering oxygen to whole body and muscular microcirculation may have dysfunction in patients with FMS. Read more

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Resistance exercise training improves heart rate variability in women with fibromyalgia

Heart rate (HR) variability (HRV) is reduced in individuals with FM increasing their risk for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. We tested the hypothesis that resistance exercise training (RET) improves HRV, baroreflex sensitivity (BRS) and muscle strength in women with FM. Read more

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Interstitial Cystitis

When the cause of pelvic pain is not successfully diagnosed, attention should be given to the bladder as the possible source. Interstitial Cystitis (or “I.C.”) is a bladder condition that can present as chronic pelvic pain. Read more

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How to Use Meditation to Manage Fibromyalgia

Over 1000 studies have shown that practicing meditation results in less stress, better sleep, increased creativity, sharper focus, and a healthier mind and body. Read more

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Osteoporosis: The Risks and Treatment Options

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), it is estimated that 10 million Americans (80% of them women) have osteoporosis (severe bone loss with a high risk for bone fracture) and an additional 18 million have osteopenia (moderate bone loss). Read more


Vulvodynia: Diagnosis and Management

The diagnosis of vulvodynia is made after taking a careful history, ruling out infectious or dermatologic abnormalities, and eliciting pain in response to light pressure on the labia, introitus, or hymenal remnants. Read more

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Treatment Strategy in Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Where are we now?

FMS sufferers benefit from exercise and psycholphysiologically based therpy such as electromyography biofeedback, and interventions based cognitive-behavioral therapy. Read more