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Holistic approach works
Crohns in remission
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The Safest alternative to all prescription and non-prescription OTC pain relieving medication. Stimulates and supports the body’s desire to “Heal the Damage that is Causing the Pain”.Topricin’s 11 homeopathic medicines are proven to be safe and effective for the elderly, children, pregnant women and all skin types. Experience Topricin’s relief for damaged muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve tissue.

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For over a decade Targeted Medical Pharma (OTCQB:TRGM) has developed and distributed amino acid based medications for a variety of disease states. The Company’s products provide physicians and patients with safe and clinically validated medications to effectively treat pain, obesity, hypertension, sleep and cognitive disorders without the serious side effects associated with many current drug therapies. Our specially formulated products provide clinicians and their patients with a diverse range of options for improving disease and restoring nervous system balance.

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