Medical Foods for the Safe and Effective Management of Disease

For over a decade Targeted Medical Pharma (OTCQB:TRGM) has developed and distributed amino acid based medications for a variety of disease states. The Company’s products provide physicians and patients with safe and clinically validated medications to effectively treat pain, obesity, hypertension, sleep and cognitive disorders without the serious side effects associated with many current drug therapies. Our specially formulated products provide clinicians and their patients with a diverse range of options for improving disease and restoring nervous system balance.


Innovations in Amino Acid-based Therapies

Disease can change the way the body metabolizes certain amino acids and nutrients, affecting overall nervous system activity and contributing to the progression of a disease. Each medical food developed by Targeted Medical Pharma for clinical use is designed to meet the distinct metabolic demands of a disease, providing patients with the resources needed to restore and maintain health.


What We Do

Product Development

TRGM develops and manufactures amino acid based medical foods using the patented system of Targeted Cellular Technology. These medical foods are a rapidly growing sector of medication technology used in the management of pain syndromes, psychiatric disorders, obesity, autism, hypertension, sleep disturbances and anemia. TRGM Medical foods are developed according to the guidelines established by the FDA, and only contain ingredients that are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). These products are exempt from FDA pre-approval, which allows them to come to market much faster than a pharmaceutical drug and at a fraction of the cost.


Product Distribution

TRGM distributes medical foods to physicians and pharmacies throughout the United States using a network of distributors, company sales representatives and online sales.


Research and Clinical Trials

TRGM’s scientific staff is continually conducting scientific and clinical research on current and new amino acid based products for the treatment of disease. The team of highly decorated physicians, clinical research assistants, and technology developers at TRGM, specialize in designing and implementing clinical trial protocols that meet the rigorous scientific standards of the medical community and the regulatory requirements of the FDA. TRGM supports all product development with a series of open label trials, randomized double blind placebo controlled trials, and post market surveys. TMP’s proprietary clinical trial software allows for the rapid and cost effective implementation of clinical research conducted at qualified sites throughout the United States. This software allows independent researchers to quickly and accurately analyze and process field data into meaningful information about a myriad of products.