Weekly Individualized Self Help (WISH) Program

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The WISH program is a tool that uses surveys to help you see if specific treatments or lifestyle changes are working. You’ll get weekly advice on things you might try to help manage your pain. As part of this program, we collect information about you and your progress. WISH then processes this information and gives you a summary, and then uses it to personalize the suggestions offered to you.

Information that identifies you directly will be kept secure and confidential. Anonymous information will be pooled with information from other community members, so that as a community we can learn from each other about what works best for what types of people, for what pain conditions, and how it works. This pooled information will also be available to help medical researchers and health care businesses learn how to better serve people with pain.

Participating in these surveys can be your contribution to research on the mechanisms of pain, so that we can evaluate new ways to help you feel better.